Casio, founded in 1946, is and remains one of the leading watch brands in the field of innovation and technology. This company was one of the first to start producing quartz watches. Casio's most famous innovation was the famous 70s computer watch. In April 1983, the company launched the G-Shock brand, the first heavy-duty shock-resistant wristwatch with the DW-5000C. . These watches are initially struggling to win in Japan, but their success in the US market opens the door to the world market brand. In the 1990s, G-Shock became a flagship brand for the company, with the launch in 1994 of the women's range: Baby-G. These watches are acclaimed by professionals, military and sportsmen. The G-Shock brand continues to be enriched with innovations and acquires the reputation of "indestructible" watches. Success does not belie. Between 1983 and 2013 more than 70 million G-Shocks were sold.