PAUL HEWITT offers watches, jewelry and iconic accessories in a Nordic and elegant style. We create them for those who value tradition and origin, but like to feel the wind ruffling their hair around the world. In other words, for people like you!

Our North German spirit ready to wear
The sea breeze that caresses our nostrils. The sound of the waves, the cries of seagulls. The sea that refreshes us in the summer. Beaches that invite us to long walks in winter. That's it, our universe. We are here at home, that's where we are anchored. And that's why the anchor is the symbol of PAUL HEWITT. Discover this universe and fill the desire that inspires you: #getAnchored to the world of PAUL HEWITT.

Our universe, your style
On watches, jewels, bracelets ... the anchor PAUL HEWITT is everywhere. Bring the marine spirit, tradition and light into your life and complete your look. Both sought after and timeless, PAUL HEWITT products convince by their innumerable possibilities of combination and bring the final touch to your outfits. They are always a step ahead of the latest fashion trends.