WATCHPCI is a trademark of the PCI, an authorized reseller for all brands present on the site. PCI is the specialist in quality fashion watch for women, men and children and offers a wide choice among many major brands. PCI is made up of a team of specialists who will advise and guide the client in his or her choice.

The present general conditions of sale define the conditions applicable to sales concluded between, on the one hand, persons wishing to make a purchase via the website of PCI Https://WATCHPCI.COM, hereinafter referred to as “the customer” and, on the other “WATCHPCI” PCI share

The Client and PCI are hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”.

These conditions are exclusive only to non-commercial natural persons.

The acquisition of a property by this site implies an unreserved acceptance of the general Conditions of sale.

Article 1-Order

1.1 Shipment of parcels are made in Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and in Luxembourg. For a delivery, the only method of payment accepted is that indicated on the site.

1.2 The order established by the customer consists of products forming part of the online catalogue established by PCI.

1.3 The command may only be registered on the site if the user has clearly identified himself. To do this, the Client is asked to identify himself by indicating his name, first name, valid email address, postal address, telephone number and date of birth. PCI reserves the right to cancel a sales order that presents a negative Fia-Net assessment or that would present any form of risk to the customer.

1.4 Any order is worth acceptance of the prices and description of the products available for sale.

1.5 orders are payable only in euros including VAT, all taxes included.

1.6 PCI undertakes to honour orders received within the limits of available stocks of products.

1.7 The dates of the balances indicated on the site are the dates in effect in the region where the company’s registered office is located.

1.8 The customer settling his order by bank transfer is requested to notify PCI of the payment of his order by email to the following address: The order will be shipped as soon as the transfer is received and the item is still available.

1.9 The engraved products as well as the gift cards are neither taken up nor exchanged. The engravings leave from our offices every Monday and we are returned 4 days after they are sent. PCI agrees to return the product to the customer as soon as it is received.

Article 2-Validation

2.1 by validating its order on PCI, the customer acknowledges having previously read and accepted the present general Conditions of sale at the date of its order.

2.2 Unless otherwise indicated, the data recorded by the seller constitutes proof of all transactions.

Article 3-Availability

3.1 The seller’s product offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limits of available stocks. The stock is updated twice on 24:00, a first time in 00:30 and a second time at 12:30.

3.2 For products not available, PCI offers are valid subject to availability at suppliers.

3.3 In the event of a product unavailability after the customer has been ordered, PCI will inform the customer by mail as soon as possible. The customer’s order will be cancelled or changed if last wishes.

3.4 The availability information provided at the time of the order is given only as an indication because the products are only reserved after payment of the order. Orders awaiting payment settled late after the order registration can thus see the stock of the product or products ordered modified or null. In the event of a breakdown of stock, PCI agrees to contact the supplier to know the delivery time of the ordered product and will inform the customer immediately.

Article 4-Delivery

4.1 Mode of delivery

Gift cards are exempt from delivery. The gift cards are sent by email.

4.2 PCI undertakes to respect a delay of preparation between 24 and 48h for a delivery in Bpost, DPD, UPS and 24h for all orders before 12h00 (subject to a positive evaluation of the payment by bank transfer, credit card with Stripe or PayPal by our partners).

4.3 In case of items available on different dates due to their availability, the delivery time is based on the longest period of time. However, PCI reserves the option of splitting deliveries. Participation in the processing and shipping costs will only be charged for one shipment. PCI will not be liable for any consequences due to delay in routing. In case of delay, an email will be sent to the customer.

4.4 In the event of a delay of more than 7 days in relation to the expected delivery date, the customer may terminate the contract of sale and be reimbursed within a maximum period of 14 days following his notification. However, PCI may defer reimbursement until goods are recovered.

4.5 Upon delivery of the order, the customer shall verify its contents and undertake, in case of apparent non-conformity, to notify it by e-mail to the address as soon as possible.

4.6 When the Post Office / Bpost, DPD or UPS agent or the merchant presents a damaged package, the Customer must be able to refuse it.

Article 5-Sale price, method of payment

5.1 Prices are indicated in euros, VAT included at the current rate of 21% excluding participation in processing and shipping costs.

5.2 PCI reserves the right to change the price of the items at any time.

5.3 The items and any charges will be charged on the basis of the rates in effect at the time of the registration of the order.

5.4 Property Retention Clause: The products remain the property of PCI until the full cashing of the amount.

5.5 The settlement of online articles is done by credit card, CADO cards or Paypal. The credit cards accepted are: Visa card, Eurocard Mastercard, American Express.

5.6 PCI makes every effort to ensure the confidentiality and security of data transmitted over the Internet. The transaction is done and secured. The website uses a secure Socket Layer (SSL) type payment module. All data exchanged on the Web is encrypted. The payment is entirely secure.

5.7 In addition, PCI has purchased insurance from the companies. Transactions are therefore controlled by the latter. This is related to Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, Law on Information technology, files and freedoms.

Article 6-Satisfied or reimbursed

6.1 Command error:

In case of a model or article error when preparing the order, PCI agrees to exchange the item. The cost of return and re-dispatch will be the responsibility of the customer.

6.2 Return due to customer:

The Customer has a legal withdrawal period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the items. PCI extends this period to 14 clear days from the date of receipt of the package. Return costs incurred by the customer via a procedure other than that proposed by PCI are not guaranteed. Return charges from Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland or any other exceptionally delivered country are not refundable.

As soon as the parcel is received, PCI will consider the articles to be perfect.

No return will be accepted if the returned products have been visibly worn, damaged, worn, damaged or their packaging damaged or damaged, making the product unfit for resale.

If the return is denied by PCI, the items will be returned to the customer at the PCI’s expense without the customer being able to demand reimbursement or compensation.

6.3 Exchange:

The Customer has 14 days from the date of receipt to return the products and request a possible exchange. Return costs incurred by the customer via a procedure other than that proposed by PCI are not refundable. The return costs from Belgium are borne by PCI, Luxembourg, Switzerland or any other country delivered are not refundable.

As soon as the parcel is received, PCI will consider the articles to be perfect.

No request will be accepted if the returned products have been visibly worn, damaged, worn, damaged or their packaging damaged or damaged, making the product unfit for resale.

If the request for credit is denied by PCI, the items will be returned to the customer at the PCI’s expense without the customer being able to demand reimbursement or compensation.

Once you have validated it, the customer can place a new order.

6.4 Reimbursement:

In the event that PCI makes a product refund, it will be credited to the customer’s bank account within a maximum of 14 days from the date of notification of the refund. However, PCI may defer reimbursement until goods are recovered. PCI undertakes to reimburse all monies paid in connection with the order, including delivery costs if they have been billed.

6.5 Engravings:

The engraved articles are neither taken over nor exchanged.

6.6 Gift Cards:

Gift cards are not picked up or exchanged.

Article 7-Guarantee

7.1 PCI agrees with each manufacturer to repair or replace any item with hidden defects or quality problems during normal use of the product, within the framework of the 2 year legal warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty (2 years minimum ). For optimal treatment, any request for return must be announced to the customer service of PCI by mail to the following address:

The return charge is the responsibility of the customer beyond the 30 days following the receipt of the order. The shipping costs are the responsibility of PCI.

Any return due to the customer resulting in external postal charges, the latter will not be supported by PCI.

Any return under warranty will be accompanied by the guarantee certificate or a copy of the purchase invoice available in the customer account.

7.2 In general, the warranty covers manufacturing defects that occurred during normal use of the product. This excludes therefore:

• Replacement of consumables (batteries, bracelets…),

• Damage resulting from abnormal or non-compliant use of the products. In this regard, we invite you to consult carefully the operating instructions provided with the product (sealing level),

• Damage caused by the intervention of a non-approved repairman,

• Damage resulting from an external cause of the product (accident, Shock…).

7.3 It should be noted that the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty may vary depending on the marks. The scope of the product warranty is detailed in the warranty certificate accompanying each product.

7.4 PCI can not be held responsible in case of refusal of the manufacturer to perform a free repair for the reasons stated above. In the event of failure to support the repair, the manufacturer will prepare an estimate that PCI will communicate to the Customer

Article 8-liability

8.1 The products proposed are in conformity with the French legislation in force. The responsibility of the customer cannot be committed if the legislation of the country where the products are delivered is not respected. It is up to the customer to check with the local authorities on the possibilities of importing or using the products or services that the customer intends to order.

8.2 The photos are communicated as an illustration. PCI therefore invites the customer to refer to the description of each product to find out the specific characteristics. In the event of a clear error between the characteristics of the product and its representation and/or the conditions of the sale, PCI shall not be liable.

8.3 In the case of hypertext links pointing to other sites from the PCI site, it will not be responsible for the content of the information provided on these sites after activating these links.

8.4 In the case of professional purchases, PCI shall not be liable for any consequential damages hereunder, loss of operation, loss of profit, loss of chance, damages or expenses.

8.5 PCI may exonerate itself from all or part of its liability by providing evidence that the breach or improper performance of the contract is attributable, either to the customer or to the fact, unforeseeable and insurmountable, of a third party to the contract, or to a case of force majeure .

Article 9-Fia-Net

9.1 Information relating to the customer’s order shall be the subject of an automated data processing of which the person in charge is Fia-Net S.A. This automated data processing is intended to define a level of analysis of a transaction and to fight Against credit card fraud. Fia-Net S.A. And PCI are the recipients of the data related to the customer’s order.

9.2 The non-transmission of data in connection with the customer’s order prevents the execution and analysis of the customer’s transaction. The occurrence of an outstanding due to fraudulent use of a credit card will result in the registration of the contact details in connection with the order of the customer associated with this unpaid in an incident payment file implemented by Fia-Net S.A. A Irregular declaration or anomaly may also be subject to specific treatment.

9.3 In accordance with the Law on Informatics and Freedoms No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the Law on computers, files and freedoms, the client has at all times a right of access, rectification and opposition to all of his data Personal by writing, by letter and justifying his identity, to Fia-Net – Service Informatique et liberties – Treatments n ° 773061 and N ° 1080905-15 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 PARIS.

9.4 Participation in the “evaluated site – Premium site” operation. The purchase of the customer offers him the opportunity to participate in the operation “evaluated site” organized by Fia-Net S.A. through two questionnaires of satisfaction whose purpose is to measure the quality of service that was brought to him throughout his act of purchase, he will be able to share its personal experience and make it shared with the community of Internet users on the website Fia-Net. These questionnaires are likely to be sent to the customer by Fia-Net or by PCI via email or by the appearance of a pop-up following your purchase. The information collected in these two questionnaires is subject to an automated data processing whose responsible person is Fia-Net S.A. Partial responses or a lack of response to one or both of the satisfaction questionnaires are without Effect on the order of the customer and its processing. Fia-Net S.A. And PCI are the recipients of the personal data collected in these satisfaction questionnaires. The non-nominal data will be operated by Fia-Net in accordance with the regulations in force and in particular that relating to the protection of personal data.

Article 10-Applicable law-litigation

10.1 This contract is subject to Belgium law. In case of litigation the courts of Brussels will be competent alone.

10.2 This contract is written in the english language.

Article 11-commentary, criticism, Communication

11.1 All notices filed by the customer are monitored and moderated by the marketing team. If the words violate the law and the ethics (abusive advertising, defamatory remarks, insults, comments out of context…) PCI reserves the right to refuse or modify the notice concerned.

Article 12-Order of a product for use outside Belgium

12.1 The customer must take into account the fact that, in the context of the relocation of an order or a product to a country other than Belgium, it remains the importer (or the intra-Community purchaser) of the product or products concerned. The customs duties, local taxes, import duties, or state taxes that may be required are under his responsibility. The customer must inform the local authorities of his residence on the conditions of entry of the products ordered and must make any corresponding declaration and/or payment to the competent bodies of the country concerned.

12.2 The Client shall verify with the local authorities the possibilities for importing or using the products or services which he intends to carry. The customer must also ensure that the manufacturer’s specific technical specifications comply with the legislation of the country concerned. If the customer does not comply with the legislation of the country where he has introduced the products, we cannot be held responsible.

Article 13-The order has been set with a CA Do card

Gift cards may not be exchanged, credited with a card or bank account, or be subject to a discount. They are not convertible into currency and will not, under any circumstances, give rise to the return, by PCI, of a difference in value between the price of the goods or services purchased and the amount paid on the gift cards. The products and/or services purchased are payable in cash.

Article 14-Assistance and complaint

For any question relating to the Site, products sold by PCI and for any claim relating to an order, the Customer is invited to contact PCI by email at the following address:, with its order number upon a confirmed order, PCI europe will endeavor to respond to the Customer within reasonable time upon receipt of the request. PCI undertakes to respect the entirety of the measures taken by the law n ° 2014-244 known as Hamon law relative to the consumption.

The customer has the possibility to submit an online complaint to the European Commission = (

For Belgium, the European Consumer Center (CEC) Belgium is part of the European Consumer Centers Network (ECC-Net or CEC Network), created by the European Commission to inform and advise the European consumer on cross-border shopping.

European Consumer Center Belgium
Holland Street 13
1060 Brussels
Telephone: +32 2 542 33 46
Fax: +32 2 542 32 43

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