My watch is no longer working and is still under warranty. Is it broken and do I have to send it for repair?

Most of the time a quartz watch stops working, this is caused by an empty battery. Do not hesitate to arrange for the battery to be exchanged by a trusted jeweler or an official distributor of the brand. If the watch still does not work after changing the battery, the watch must be offered to an official distributor to activate the warranty.

My mechanical watch loses or saves time.

Mechanical watches can show a deviation within hours. The limit of this deviation is +6 minutes and 4 minutes per 24 hours. As this differs by brand, you can still find this deviation allowed in the manual provided. Does your watch show with certainty a greater deviation? In this case, contact an authorized dealer of your brand, with your valid warranty.

How to claim the warranty on a broken watch?

If you would like to claim the warranty on your watch, please contact our Customer Service department. Please include the valid warranty card and / or purchase invoice with your warranty claim. The guarantee can be claimed at most jewelers and points of sale approved by the brand. Some brands will ask you to go to the original point of sale with your warranty claim. Read the warranty card / booklet for more information.
If you wish to take advantage of the WatchPCI Extended Warranty, we accept the stamped warranty card or the WatchPCI invoice as proof of warranty.

The wristband of my watch is broken / torn, what am I doing?

Unfortunately, bracelets are not covered by the factory warranty. However, we feel that, as our customer, you are entitled to a product that works properly. If you find that the product you received has a manufacturing fault, contact our customer service and provide us with clear pictures of the problem. By using clear photos, we can check the problem and find a suitable solution for you.

My watch’s glass is broken / cracked, what am I doing?

Unfortunately, the watch glass is not covered by the factory warranty. Breaks after strikes, impact, fall, etc. are not covered by any warranty. If you are of the opinion that the break is due to a manufacturing error, please contact our customer service to discuss your options.

Do I have to return the mark box when returning a watch for repair?

No, when you return a watch for repair or a warranty claim, we only want to receive the watch and a valid warranty card or invoice. Without a warranty card or invoice, we do not process any repairs.

Warranty Coverage

Consult the warranty booklet for information on what is covered by the warranty. Keep this booklet in a safe place, if you know where to find it in case you need it. In general, the factory warranty covers defects in materials and movement. The factory warranty does not cover damage caused by daily use or excessive or abusive use of bracelets, appendages and crystal. The warranty does not cover water damage when the watch is not used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. All watches are shipped in working order. The warranty does not cover battery life and / or battery replacement. The warranty is usually void if unauthorized repairs have been made by someone other than an authorized dealer of the mark.
For all brands of which we are an authorized distributor, you will receive a worldwide warranty. This is the same guarantee you receive from any official dealer of this brand. We also provide assistance if you need to make a warranty claim. In any case, the watch will be checked and repaired by an authorized watchmaker or by the manufacturer himself.

How to claim the guarantee

As a seller we are responsible for the legal warranty of our products by law. This means that we are primarily responsible for the product warranty, even when the manufacturer offers a worldwide warranty.

Warranty repairs

In case you need warranty repairs, we kindly ask you contact to report your problem. If the problem you are having with your watch is covered by the warranty, we will send the watch to the factory. If the required service work is not covered by the warranty, we will let you know as soon as possible. In most cases, the repair time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks depending on the availability of spare parts. In rare cases when we believe that the problem is not covered by the warranty, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Upon receipt, we check the watch and determine if your complaint is under warranty and if it is, then the watch will be sent to the manufacturer. In case we think that it is not under warranty, we will let you know as soon as possible. Usually, the repair time is about 3 to 4 weeks, this is due to the availability of parts.