Halloween and the skeleton watch!

Halloween and the skeleton watch!

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The skeleton watch, brrr ...

A name that is a bit scary no? Rest assured that this watchmaking term designates only a type of watch very particular and elaborate. Indeed, a skeleton watch is simply a watch that reveals its mechanism. Through holes in the dial or with a transparent dial, you can see the workings of the watch moving to give you the time.

Skeleton watches have a certain charm. They show the beauty, elegance and complexity of their internal mechanism. With their apparent mechanism, skeleton watches not only allow the wearer to take a look at the inner workings of their watch, but also to convey a sophisticated style.

The movement of a watch is undoubtedly the most important part of a skeleton watch. It represents in some ways the heart of a living entity.

Because of this particularity, the skeleton watch is a very beautiful object. The role of the internal mechanism is fully enhanced by transparent glass walls.

Watch AR2073 | EMPORIO ARMANI® - watchpci
Watch AR1997 | EMPORIO ARMANI® - watchpci

Due to its delicacy, the skeleton watch is not necessarily an everyday accessory. Better to preserve it for particularly chic occasions especially if it integral. A skeleton watch that only shows part of its mechanism is already easier to match with everyday wear.

The skeleton watch can be worn by all, although it is more specifically designed for men because of its raw mechanical aspect.

From a design point of view, watchmakers have the freedom to choose the parts of the movement they display for everyone, adding variety to skeleton watches. There is therefore a wide variety of models for all tastes and for all budgets: skeleton watches for men, women, cheap, quartz, automatic …

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How much does a skeleton watch cost?

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Because of its delicacy and the precision required during its manufacture, the skeleton watch can be quite expensive. Count from 150 € to find a quality skeleton watch. Of course the prices can increase a lot depending on the brand and the quality of the watch.