By being worn regularly, watches come to take a few scratches here and there. Even a time guard only on special occasions can take a shock and be scarred. In this case, do not panic, Mr Watch reveals some practical tips to solve the problem yourself!

A scratch at the glass or on the metal parts is quickly arrived! It is quite possible to remove them, provided that the scratch in question is not too deep.

The different surfaces

Titanium: light, very resistant but sensitive to scratches.

Stainless steel: particularly resistant to external aggressions, keeps its color, easier to polish in case of scratching.

Sapphire crystal: particularly resistant and almost scratch-proof.

Which product according to the type of surface?

The three products that can be used by an individual to remove a scratch on his watch or his watch glass are toothpaste (normal, not gel) or some car body care products (“scratch erase” paste or product type Belgom ALU), whose abrasive action is quite light.

On the brushed metal , scratching is especially difficult. We advise you to use only the toothpaste because it is the most gentle way. This will avoid removing too much material and make a polished look while everything else is brushed.

On the polished metal , you can use the famous “erase stripes” paste or a product type Belgom ALU, an “all-terrain” cleaner for polishing, shining and to protect aluminum. Although originally designed for car bodies, this one works very well on polished metal watch stripes and remains very non-abrasive so should not damage the surface.

On chrome steel , it is better to avoid polishing yourself or just use toothpaste because other products may be too abrasive and discover the metal under the chromium layer.

On titanium , you can use an ink eraser or a fiberglass brush for brushed titanium. However be careful and rub gently, in the direction of the finish if it is brushed titanium.

Finally for glass , try the toothpaste first if the scratch is light and if the glass is plastic. However, if it is deeper and it is a glass glass, you can try with the maintenance product for bodywork. First try a small area to start.

User manual

Bring a soft cloth around your finger. Place your watch under a light source to see all the stripes. Apply the toothpaste or the product on the scratched surface and rub gently with a circular motion for about ten minutes (you have to be patient). Then check the result.

Be very careful and meticulous, as excessive scrubbing may worsen the initial damage. Also know that if the scratch is really deep, the use of the dough will only mitigate but not disappear completely.

You can always bring him to a jeweler/watchmaker to see if he can do anything. Indeed, most have extensive training on polishing and will certainly have other solutions.

Anyway, whether you do it yourself or by a professional, avoid polishing the glass or metal too many times as this eventually damages the surface.