Although the purchase of a watch may seem trivial to some, it still requires a little attention. Before making your choice, several criteria must be taken into account. These will allow you to find a model adapted to your tastes, your style, your morphology and your budget.

1. The size

This is an important detail since not all watches are suitable for all wrists. You will need to take your measurements using a meter seamstress and then know which diameter of housing you steer. In general, a large watch will be better suited to large wrists. Another criterion to consider; the horns of the timepiece that must fit the wrist, that is to say do not go beyond the edges and do not move away too much either. Our article dedicated to choice of the size of your watch will reveal all the tips to know.

2. The case

The case is a key element that determines the overall look of the watch. He understands the middle part, the telescope and the bottom. In the world of watchmaking, you will find a wide range of shapes (round, square or rectangle, oval or cushion, barrel), sizes (from 28 to 50mm for men models) and materials (gold, stainless steel, platinum, titanium and others). The box choice will depend on your style and your aesthetic tastes.

3. The sealing

A watch indicated as “waterproof” can not necessarily accompany you under water. Before setting your sights on a specific model, it is essential to understand the different information given regarding its tightness . A watch “waterproof” or “water resistant” can not be immersed if nothing more than this mention is specified. To go under water, it must be waterproof at least 50 meters or 5 ATM. For diving with bottles, it will be necessary to count on the 200 meters or 20 ATM.

4. The movement

There is several types of watch mechanisms and it is important to know them to make your choice.

The Quartz model, the most common, works with a simple battery. Its shelf life is shorter but it is efficient, inexpensive and can offer several additional functions.

The mechanical model works with a movement and not a pile. The reassembly can be done either manually (by hand while turning the crown), or automatically by moving the wrist. Its life is quite long but its price higher than quartz.

The hybrid model combines Quartz and mechanical, it works with an accumulator that recharges through an oscillating mass based on the Quartz movement system.

Finally, the so-called “connected” model acts as a mini-computer and offers a whole range of functions in addition to the time.

5. The glass

The quality of the glass plays on the life of the watch. There are several types of glasses: acrylic, economical and lightweight, mineral, robust and a little more expensive, sapphire, favorite high-end brands and particularly resistant. The type of glass will usually depend on the manufacturer’s choice but it is good to know the type of your watch before buying it.

6. The bracelet

After the case, the bracelet is also important because it allows to finish the look of a watch but also (and especially) to hold on your wrist. We will have to look at the material, the color and the type of clasp , namely a buckle, a buckle simple folding, a double folding clasp (or butterfly), a clip clasp or slider.

7. A second-hand watch?

It allows to offer a beautiful luxury model at a much more affordable price than the new one. Buying a Used Watch takes some effort up front to make sure you do not get it wrong! First of all, you must inform yourself about the model that you like to know your subject when you are in front of the dealer. You will then have to check that the timepiece is working well, see if it is in good condition and know if any work needs to be done on it.

You can choose to buy a second-hand watch from an individual or a professional. The second solution is recommended for those who do not know much about watchmaking.

8. A new watch?

If you prefer to buy a new watch, start by establishing a budget because it is he who will guide you to a specific type of model. For example, if you plan to put between 50 and 600 €, the best is to look at quartz watch side but you can quite find mechanical or automatic watches qualities.