What size of watch for my wrist?

What size of watch for my wrist?

Gentlemen, today we are dealing with a decisive subject, that of the size of the case of the watch! A criterion that does not necessarily come first in mind when buying, yet it is important.

Like most jewels, not everyone goes, all watches do not fit all wrists. The first reason is aesthetic of course, but it is also a question of comfort because the timepiece must not be a burden or embarrassing for the person wearing it.

The diameter of the watch also depends on the style. In general, military watches are quite bulky while classic-vintage models are going to be thinner.

Take the measurement of the wrist

In general, the male wrist measures 15 to 19 cm while there are 14 to 18 cm for women.

To get around your wrist, it’s easy, just use a seamstress’s meter and measure the circumference of the wrist. If you do not have a meter, use a string or ribbon and put it on a ruler. Once you get the measurement, round to half centimeter above.

What size of watch for which wrist?

There is obviously no ideal size, especially since your choice of watch depends mainly on your tastes, so it’s totally subjective. However, we advise you to move towards models whose case size and strap match the morphology of your wrist.

Size of the dial

A small wrist, for example, will look crushed and shrunken if it is too big, while a big wrist with a small watch will seem disproportionate. Timepieces of large diameter will therefore better with wide wrists.

To give you an idea:

  • If your wrist size is less than 15 cm, avoid watches with a diameter of more than 40 mm.
  • If your wrist circumference is longer than 18 cm, choose a diameter between 42 and 45 mm.

Another criterion to take into account, the horns of the watch (small legs to attach the bracelet to the middle part). Make sure they do not extend beyond the wrist when wearing your accessory. In the opposite direction, you do not want them to be too far from the edges of the wrist, because the watch would then look feminine and childish. We must find the right balance with a watch that covers more or less the wrist without going over the sides.

Again, these are basic tips and everyone is completely free to choose the watch he likes and with which he feels comfortable! You will find an infinite choice of bracelet sizes and case volumes (from 28 mm to 52 mm).