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Right? To the left ? Is there a definite wrist to wear his watch? Finally, you put on your accessories each morning in a mechanical way without even asking yourself the question of why this side and not the other. Mr Montre answers this existential question …

The practical reason

According to convenience, one should wear his timepiece on the wrist opposite the hand of writing, so as not to interfere with the movements of daily life that will be more numerous and strong on the dominant side. This will also preserve your watch from possible shocks and friction, more frequent at the level of the “strong” hand. Not to mention the fact that today, some models are relatively impressive compared to others, like connected watches for example, which makes the thing even less convenient!

Knowing that the majority of people are right-handed (about 90% of the population), watches are generally worn on the left wrist.

You should also know that the winder is almost always placed on the right of the dial by the manufacturers. The right-handers will have, once again, better to wear their accessory left for winding and left-handed right.

If you are unsure, simply try to wear the watch from one side to the other, you will see which one seems most comfortable and practical!

The aesthetic criterion

You will understand, there is no real rule and the choice of the wrist can also depend on your tastes as the aesthetic appearance. For example, if you already wear jewelry on one side, a bracelet or a large ring type ring, better place the watch on the opposite wrist to avoid overloading and create a “bling” effect.

Unless you like the rocker style or traveler with overlay of various bracelets AND watch added to the set. To you to see according to your preferences!